Apply Now in ACCA

Apply Now in ACCA



    Degree/Certificate, Discipline, Passing Year, % Grades, Institution


    1. Informations:

    Information provided by the student on this admission form shall be correct, submitting false information on this admission form may result in cancellation of admission.
    Student's personal information will be used only for internal purposes necessary to maintain the student's performance and administrative purposes to facilitate the student and will be maintained to the date of Protection Act.
    Student's Name, ACCA Registration Number, Date of Birth and paper to be attempted in an exam sitting may be submitted to ACCA result service for result analysis for past rates. Please sign the blank space provided allowing us to send your above mentioned particulars to ACCA.
    I allow Al-Hamd Academy to submit my Name, ACCA Registration Number, Paper Name, the exam sitting and Date of Birth to ACCA.

    2. Informations & Refund Policy:

    Our normal course includes regular tests and a final mock but not the exam conducted by the examining body like ACCA, Al-Hamd may charge an extra fee if student opt for a mock exam in addition to routine.
    All tuition fees are payable in full at the time of admission and area not refundable or transferable. AL-Hamd's Management may transfer fee to another course (for same student) only upon investigating and finding the reason to be genuine e.g. student found to be exempt from a course.
    Fees charged by Al-Hamd is as per its fee schedule available in writing provided at the time counselling of student. Al-Hamd may charge an additional fee for student must obtain an acknowledgment for fee payment of Al-Hamd Academy.

    3. Student's Discipline:

    Students whose admission is accepted by AL-Hamd shall:
    a) Not involve in activity statements or debates that may affect religions, political, cultural or other susceptibilities of people studying and working at Al-Hamd Academy.
    b) Be careful in maintaining discipline and good behavior at Al-Hamd Academy's premises, its programs, events and its surroundings.
    c) Not cause any damage to assets of Al-Hamd Academy.

    4. Complain Process:

    Complaint can be placed to a complaint box fixed beside the entrance through an application or a standard form available at Al-Hamd's Reception.
    A complaint can also be submitted to the office of principal. If the complainant feels unsatisfied by the management's response.
    Even after submitting complaint to the Principal's office, if a student deem necessary can escalate to an independent authority such as ACCA Office Karachi and further to regulatory body.
    Response to a complain may take 5-7 working days but can be (if practical) resolved earlier upon student's request. A complainant shall understand that complains shall be placed on reasonable grounds and shall not be based on personal or impractical reasons and shall by all means be communicated with respect.
    Al-Hamd Academy will try to satisfy a student at all possible levels if his complain will lead to a quality delivery of service by Al-Hamd Academy and better performance in ACCA exam of a student. Complaints may be turned down sometimes not being relevant and do not fall in Al-Hamd's Management scope of responsibility towards complainant.

    5. Visa Policy:

    Any documentation related to a student's behavior or performance to the visa process will be facilitated to our Alumni and existing students. AL-Hamd don't offer any visa application services and therefore will not eb responsible for any such application is refused.

    a. Recent Photograph (Passsport Size)

    b. Copy of Matric/O'Level Certificate/Marks Sheet

    c. Copy of Intermediate /A Levels Certificate/Marks Sheets

    d. Co-Curicular Activites Certicifate. (If Any)

    e. Copy of CNIC (If Applicable) or Form "B"