Principal’s Message

Kalim Rehmani

FCA Chief Executive & Principal

It is a matter of privilege and honor to head Al-Hamd for 17 consecutive years with high standing awards and successes for our students, and faculty members as well. We believe that professional institutes credibility depends more on word of mouth from passed out students and which can be best assessed with total registered students in all streams offered which has crossed 25,000 numbers. Alhamdullillah!!!!!

Al-Hamd’s journey of success has continued in terms of imparting quality education and enhancement of facilities for students and faculty. First of the them is the installation of Solar Energy Plant, pick & drop facility and state-of-the-art Gym to provide healthy activities to the students. And last but not the least opening of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus to facilitate the students of nearby vicinity.

I congratulate to those students who have successfully qualified their respective examinations in general and also congratulates to those who have secured Merit Certificates in their professional bodies examinations.

Al-Hamd in order to give more confidence and professional look to the students, we have formed different students societies like Council of Al-Hamd Student (CAS), Youth Empowerment Society (YES), etc, to organize and participate in extracurricular activities. I congratulates to the organizers (students) of these societies who have successfully hold High Achievers Award Ceremony at Bahria Auditorium, Al-Hamd Identity Conference, yearly Sports Gala, and on organizing a Talk Show at Al-Hamd venue by one of the a big media group of Pakistan on the topic of Security and Economy which was heavily attended by students, faculty members and some renowned personalities. The credit also goes to these societies for their active participation’s in their events organized by renowned educational institutions of Pakistan like IBA and ICAP and highlighted with their performances and secured position on their victory stand.

Al-Hamd fully understand the responsibility as an institution to hold CSR activities and among other events, in December 2014, we have organized a visit to Tharparker to distribute food and other basic necessities who are still facing severe water and food shortage.

Our respected teachers are truly deserved to be appreciated for their contribution in the development of Al-Hamd’s publications and updation of study notes to facilitate students, I specially commend the work of Al-Hamd’s teachers who have been appointed by the ICAP as Reviewer including myself to review study material developed by the UK’s renowned publisher for ICAP’s Education Scheme 2013.

The continuous progress of Al-Hamd Academy rests on the wise policies of Management, the intelligence and hard work of all staff members and a remarkable contribution on the part of faculty members.

Al-Hamd Academy is committed to spread professional education irrespective of geographical boundaries in Pakistan as we believe that our finance professionals are contributing in strengthening the country’s economy, positive image building that we Pakistanis are competent and at par to professionals belongs to developed countries.

May Allah bless us with guidance